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According the Department of Energy, buildings consume approximately 37% of the energy and 68% of the electricity produced in the United States annually.


In light of these statistics, it is no wonder that energy use factors so prominently into the cost of operating a building over its useful life. It is imperative that facility owners and managers understand their facilities and the way they use energy. We can provide the necessary expertise to help in that understanding.

In today’s climate of ever increasing energy costs, HSA is uniquely qualified to help facility managers and owners reduce energy costs and their carbon foot print. Our staff of eight professional engineers and two LEED accredited professionals bring extensive experience in analyzing and designing energy efficient mechanical and electrical systems.
Whether surveying existing systems for possible upgrade or designing systems for new facilities, our engineers utilize the latest innovations and technologies to help facilities managers save money on energy bills.

We use techniques such as computer modeling, detailed inspections, staff interviews, data analysis, BMS trending, thermal imaging, field testing and data gathering. We have used these tools to evaluate a wide range of systems including HVAC, controls, lighting, motors, variable speed drives, transformers, insulation, windows and other building systems and procedures.

HSA Engineering provides energy services including ASHRAE level I, II and III energy auditing, and building energy usage simulation and analysis.

HSA uses an in-house developed tool to collect and analyze field collected energy usage data to complete ASHRAE level I, II and III energy audits. Once this data has been collected and entered, HSA engineers build an energy model of the facility in using Trane Trace software.
This model is then normalized to develop a baseline building energy distribution that has been calibrated against actual historical utility data, reflecting the actual facility energy usage. Once this model is complete, any possible energy conservation measure (ECMs) can be modeled and analyzed to determine the effectiveness of the proposed modifications.

LEED Projects

King Elementary School

King Elementary School located in Van Buren, Arkansas was completed in 2011 and is an 81,000 square foot facility. One of the unique features of this school is the two large bay doors in the gym...

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Johnson Dermatology

Johnson Dermatology located in Fort Smith, Arkansas is a 12,000 square foot facility that has been Certified LEED Silver.   The MEP design included a rainwater harvesting system...

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Arkansas Air National Guard

The Civil Engineering Facility of the Arkansas Air National Guard is located in Fort Smith, Arkansas.   The MEP design of this 22,000 square foot multi-use engineering support...

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Jean Tyson Child Development Center

The MEP design at the Jean Tyson Child Development Study Center at the University of Arkansas consisted of a kitchen, multi-purpose rooms, multiple classrooms, indoor play areas and observation...

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